Amazon.com is already a very good website. In fact, it is one of the best e-commerce websites there is. Many companies have tried to copy its features, including its web design. However, as many have tried so are also those who failed. We can safely say that Amazon is one of the most unique and trusted websites in the industry. However, to further improve their service and to boost up their business, there we some changes that was recently made. None of them are final yet and they are still experimental nut these changes are already expected to make a significant difference on the traditional website.

What are these changes?


Amazon will soon be featuring the largest e-commerce companies on their home page. This has been set to boost those companies’ popularity further and to increase their revenue. On the other hand, this will also be hugely profitable to Amazon since they are getting paid a more than reasonable amount to feature those companies. Even Amazon who is already making a lot of money couldn’t say no to more profit of course. The companies to be featured will be Kindle, Fire, and Prime. The flatter design will enable shoppers to immediately notice these categories a lot better and faster.

Kindle is well – known to be one of the biggest e – book platform while Prime gives subscription services. Fire on the other hand is a producer of tablets and smart phones. In a way, you can call this a partnership since subscribers and customers from those three would also become more reliant on Amazon when it comes to their purchases. Surely, customer would always prefer to visit Amazon rather than other e – commerce site for their purchases on these products. This is a win – win situation for all the parties involved.


Since, this is an experimental design, the public’s opinion were also taken into consideration. A lot of people said that this is a very good change since it could further boost Amazon and the above – mentioned companies. According to some, the new home page design also made the website more organized due to its new drop down menu. This makes shopping a lot simpler. Many are still in awe actually that Amazon had indeed redesigned since it had been very traditional over the past years. On the other hand, some say that the new design had just made Amazon lost its uniqueness. If you have your own opinion, call this Amazon contact number and share your thoughts!

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