New Web-Design at Amazon

z is already a very good website. In fact, it is one of the best e-commerce websites there is. Many companies have tried to copy its features, including its web design. However, as many have tried so are also those who failed. We can safely say that Amazon is one of the most unique and trusted websites in the industry. However, to further improve their service and to boost up their business, there we some changes that was recently made. None of them are final yet and they are still experimental nut these changes are already expected to make a significant difference on the traditional website.

What are these changes?


Amazon will soon be featuring the largest e-commerce companies on their home page. This has been set to boost those companies’ popularity further and to increase their revenue. On the other hand, this will also be hugely profitable to Amazon since they are getting paid a more than reasonable amount to feature those companies. Even Amazon who is already making a lot of money couldn’t say no to more profit of course. The companies to be featured will be Kindle, Fire, and Prime. The flatter design will enable shoppers to immediately notice these categories a lot better and faster.

Kindle is well – known to be one of the biggest e – book platform while Prime gives subscription services. Fire on the other hand is a producer of tablets and smart phones. In a way, you can call this a partnership since subscribers and customers from those three would also become more reliant on Amazon when it comes to their purchases. Surely, customer would always prefer to visit Amazon rather than other e – commerce site for their purchases on these products. This is a win – win situation for all the parties involved.


Since, this is an experimental design, the public’s opinion were also taken into consideration. A lot of people said that this is a very good change since it could further boost Amazon and the above – mentioned companies. According to some, the new home page design also made the website more organized due to its new drop down menu. This makes shopping a lot simpler. Many are still in awe actually that Amazon had indeed redesigned since it had been very traditional over the past years. On the other hand, some say that the new design had just made Amazon lost its uniqueness. If you have your own opinion, call this Amazon contact number and share your thoughts!

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Let’s be honest, Amazon has been a pioneer website when it comes to e – commerce. It was one of the first company to ever produce a reliable and user – friendly shopping website. It has grown and rapidly improved over the past decades. It is also obvious that numerous e-commerce websites are patterned through In most cases, other companies create their websites by trying to copy the features of Amazon. Many have tried, yet numerous also failed in trying to produce a website as good as Amazon.

What are’s best features?

An employee selects a branded cardboard box at the Marston Gate 'Fulfillment Center,' the U.K. site of Inc., in Ridgmont, U.K., on Monday, Dec. 5, 2011. Inc.'s share of the tablet computer market will surge to 14 percent this quarter as consumer demand catapults the Kindle Fire to the No. 2 spot after Apple Inc.'s iPad, according to research firm IHS Inc. Photographer: Chris Ratcliffe/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Aside from being the largest and most established site, its website is very secure and reliable. Yes it is, as long as you are on the real Amazon website. You see, there are a lot of scammers and frauds on the internet. There are times when you think you are being routed to Amazon but in reality, it is a duplicate. Once there, they may copy the information you enter and use it for illegal activities. So be sure that you only use the official website. Also, you can have your own log in account. This way, you can save yourself the time from repeatedly entering your information whenever shopping. After confirming your purchases, you would also receive a confirmation e-mail that details all your purchases, so you will know immediately if there are any unauthorized activities. But what really made Amazon famous is the quality of its products. It has a wide – range and variety of products that are guaranteed to be original, and with class. It also contains detailed information about its products including the product feature, prices, manufacturers and distributors, and reviews from verified customers. Lastly, Amazon has the biggest selection of products per category; you have a lot to choose from. It’s basically a one stop shop for all your needs!

What are some disadvantages?


Of course, as with any business or website, there are imperfections. After all, no company, no business, no product, and no website is completely perfect. For some products, there are too many links and they are cluttered wherein you get confused as to which is the official website for that particular item. They should definitely work on limiting the number of links per item. Given that it’s an e-commerce website, yes there are advertisements. However, there are too many advertisements in one page that it literally covers the main item that you are viewing in some situations. Worst is that, it advertises different types of products other than what you are looking for. They should categorize the advertisements appearing on their pages so as to help the shopper instead on inconveniencing them.

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List of Items that Web Designers Should Buy at Amazon


Amazon is the biggest online seller according to survey. They sell a wide – variety of items and ship them quite fast too. Amazon has products from every category you can think of. And what more, for each category, there are also numerous product types you can choose from. Their products are from different manufacturers, countries and with different prices. It could range from a few dollars to thousands of dollars, depending on the item and on your taste of course.

Web designers and programmers often stay in the confinement of their homes for work. And in most cases, they do not have the convenience and leisure to go shopping for their needs. Amazon is a good avenue for them to go shopping while busy working. Here are some of the things they can buy from


  • PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES. Yes, you heard that right. They may be programmers but from time to time, they might need a new platform or an upgrade of their current one. Sure they can go to some tech stores to buy the software or shop on other websites but Amazon comes in really handy. Trusted and reliable, they are rest assured of the originality of the product.
  • Believe it or not, most programmers are bookish. They never settle! Whether it is for leisure reading or to gain more knowledge, they love buying books. However, they are also one of the most impatient shoppers. Amazon meets their needs by offering a variety of books they can buy and get delivered in a short while. It also has a lot of e – books for those who prefer instant deliveries. There are so many programming books that they can find useful in Amazon, most are even discounted and there are just too many discounts they can’t resist.


  • PERSONAL ITEMS. We cannot call web designers and programmers irresponsible but they are definitely workaholic. They often neglect their personal needs since they get too absorbed with work or they are just simply too busy. With Amazon, they can definitely purchase most of their needs with a just a click of a button and gets them delivered to their doorsteps. Whether it is a basic need or a need of lesser importance, there is no need to worry of lacking them since the delivery usually takes just one day. Except those items coming from overseas or further places, of course they take more time, a few days at most.
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